Our Leadership

Board of Directors

Ann Homstad

President Elect
Robin Martin

Past President
Jamy Malatesta

Kelly Turenne

Joy Hertlein

Norma Herbers

Grants Review Directors
Peggy Niemer & Kathy Morris

Systems Director
Nancy Kuhlman

Communication Directors
Georgia Mavrinac & Amalia Schoone

Programming & Outreach Director
Carolyn MacIver

Events Director
Julie Lucey

Membership Recruitment Director
Tracy Gobis

Membership Retention Director
Stacy Scheffer

Friends of Impact Director
Julie Sellars


Assistant Secretary
 Sue Benes

Assistant Treasurer
Kate Hauser

Barb Maloney 

Grant Chairs
Carol Geenen, Beth Healy, Maureen Kenfield, Margaret Krei & Lisa Mauer 

Financial Review Chair
Patti Hoerig

Foundant Chair
Lori Murphy

Grants Management Chair
Sue Connor

Communications Chair
Ginny Kannenberg 

External Communications Chair
Julie Jensen

Programming Chair
Maureen Goldblatt

Beyond the Headlines Chair
Laura Parsons

Outreach Chair
Renee Manion

Annual Awards Celebration Chair
Carla Cummings

Kickoff/Helping Hands Chair
Kerry Doyle

Event Logistics Chair
Dana Vaughan

Recruiting Events Chair
Kaleen Morkin

Recruitment Process Chair
Cynthia Harris

Engagement Chair
Pam Klein

Member Networking Chair
Karin Gale