Our Grantees 2019

2019 Impact Grant Finalists

Dominican Center – Restoring Housing in the Amani Neighborhood.DC serves residents in the Amani neighborhood (North to Keefe Avenues; 20th to 30th Streets) to address neighborhood safety, build capacity in housing and economic development, improve access to quality education and help nurture family well-being. DC embraces the Model Block standard of fostering neighborhood stability one house, one block at a time. Our grant would provide catalyst funding to purchase three foreclosed properties and a vacant lot adjacent to DC (2900 block of North 26th Street), repair them for sale, and market them to potential neighborhood purchasers who have completed homebuyer counseling. Sale proceeds would be reinvested in additional properties to continue neighborhood revitalization.

Express Yourself MKE – Healing Centered Program for High Risk Youth.  Milwaukee’s only arts therapy organization to offer mental health interventions to youth in corrections, in schools, and in its studio,  EXYOMKE has served 1,400 youth annually, of which 80% are known to delinquency and court programs, 80% are involved in special education or alternative school programming, and 95% are from low income households.  Our grant will increase access to services by 25% (an additional 50 high risk youth per week) through the expansion of a successful program known as Art Flexa responsive multi-arts program addressing trauma by providing one-to-one experiences for high risk youth in the art form of theirchoice. These sessions enable youth to find their voice, strengths and resilience within a creative and safe environment. 

Just One More Ministry  – Increased Food Storage Capacity for the Community. JOMM “rescues” food from donor partners such as local caterers, restaurants and grocery stores—food that would otherwise end up in landfills. It is repackaged and distributed to 75 community partners, who distribute that food to thousands of hungry people through food pantries and meal programs—most in Milwaukee’s poorest neighborhoods.  Our grant would help JOMM increase the amount of food rescued and then redistributed through two capital purchases: a large walk-in cooler that will increase fresh food storage capacity by 400% and a large walk-in freezer that will increase frozen food storage capacity by 300%. 

Pathfinders  – Stocked Hybrid Vehicle for Troubled Youth Outreach.  Pathfinders focuses on youth in crisis, including Milwaukee’s only youth-focused homeless street outreach (“Street Beat”). Pathfinders helps youth through its four initiatives: 1) housing and shelter using the “housing first” model; 2) education: 3) family engagement; and 4) youth empowerment. With our grant, Pathfinders would replace their 11+year old Street Beat vehicle. This vehicle will circulate daily through Milwaukee neighborhoods offering a point of entry to a network of resources. The balance of our grant would be used to stock the vehicle with four seasons of basic needs items like safety kits, emergency funds for gas cards and bus passes, and survival resources, helping 5000+ youth in crisis per year for another decade or more. 

Summit Educational Assn. Inc.  – North Side Tutoring and Character Building Program. Summit has achieved academic and character development success with the primarily Latino population on Milwaukee’s South Side through its holistic approach to support disadvantaged students. Our grant would expand its programing to Milwaukee’s North Side to fill a gap in the primarily African American community and fund it for two years.  The North Side site (MLK Community Center at 1531 W. Vliet)includes classrooms, a gym, and an outdoor space, allowing an increase of students served in the school year tutorial program pairing fourth through eighth grade students with a consistent adult tutor/mentor for personal interaction and friendship. The Summer Olympics program provides programming including academics, character building and organized athletics.

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