How To Apply

Before you apply, please make sure that you have thoroughly read the eligibility requirements. If you have any questions about the grant process, please email We ask that you do not call or contact Impact100 Greater Milwaukee members to respect that our members adhere to confidentiality guidelines during the grant process.

Step 1: Letter of Inquiry
Please complete our online Letter of Inquiry and submit by the December date provided under Important Dates.

Step 2: Invitation to Submit a Full Proposal
Impact100 Greater Milwaukee reviews Letters of Inquiry and emails all applicants by the end of January regarding whether or not they are invited to complete a Full Proposal.

Step 3: Full Proposal
Applicants invited to complete a Full Proposal must submit all information by the February deadline provided under Important Dates.

Step 4: Site Visit
Impact100 Greater Milwaukee reviews Full Proposals and emails all applicants regarding whether or not they have been selected for an April site visit.

Step 5: Selection of Finalists
Finalists will be selected in mid-May and invited to make a presentation to the Impact100 Greater Milwaukee Membership at the Annual Awards Celebration in June. Guidelines for the presentations will be provided when finalists are notified.

Step 6: Finalists’ Presentations
Finalists (at least one in each Focus Area) present to the Impact100 Greater Milwaukee Membership at the Annual Awards Celebration held in early June.

Step 7: Selection of Grantee(s)
After listening to all Finalist presentations at the Annual Awards Celebration, the Impact100 Greater Milwaukee members vote by individual ballot. This vote determines the grant recipient(s).

Step 8: Payment of Grant
Prior to the release of funds, the grantee must sign a Grant Agreement. Impact100 Greater Milwaukee distributes funds in lump sum or installments, depending on the nature of the program or project and the Grant Agreement.

Step 9: Reports and Evaluation
Grantees must report periodically to Impact100 Greater Milwaukee on the progress of their program or project as specified in the Grant Agreement.