Grant FAQ

How should my organization submit its Letter of Inquiry or Full Grant Proposal?

Letters of Inquiry are submitted online through our website. See How to Apply under the Grant tab for more detailed information and a link to submit a Letter of Inquiry. Nonprofits invited to submit Full Grant Applications will be given instructions on how to submit their complete applications at a later date.

Can we submit a proposal for more or less than the full amount of the $100,000 Impact100 grant?

Impact100 Greater Milwaukee requires programs or projects to use the full $100,000 grant. Accordingly, proposals costing less than $100,000 will not be considered. Proposals costing more than $100,000 must define the portion of the project to be funded by the Impact100 grant and identify all other sources of funding for the project.

Can our organization submit more than one grant application per year?

No, each organization may submit only one grant application each year.

Can you provide us guidance on which Focus Area is appropriate for our application?

Focus areas apply to the project or program, not necessarily to the overall mission of the organization applying for an Impact100 Greater Milwaukee grant. For example, an organization may be an educational organization with an environmental project or program, and therefore may apply within the education of environmental focus area. Education could be ranked “1” and Environment ranked “2” or vice versa. We cannot provide further guidance in ranking the Focus Areas. We believe that having a strong proposal is more important than the Focus Area selected.

Can we include additional materials with the Letter of Inquiry or Full Proposal such as brochures, newsletters or videos about our organization?

No, please send only information specifically requested.

Do small nonprofits have a chance of becoming a finalist?

Yes. Selection is determined by the strength of the program or project, the impact of the grant on the community and the proposal’s sustainability. The nonprofit must also meet all grant eligibility requirements.

If we submit a proposal this year that is not funded, how soon can we submit another proposal?

You may apply again the following year.

If we submit a proposal and are awarded the $100,000 Impact Grant, how soon can we apply again?

A nonprofit awarded the $100,000 Impact Grant must wait three full years before reapplying for another grant. A nonprofit awarded a merit grant, however, may apply the following year for the $100,000 Impact Grant.

What are Merit Grants?

For every 100 members, Impact100 Greater Milwaukee will annually award one $100,000 grant. Any residual funds will be awarded to the remaining finalists as unrestricted Merit Grants. There is not a set amount for these grants and there is no separate application process.

How does Impact100 Greater Milwaukee pay out the grant money?

Prior to the release of grant funds, each recipient must complete an Impact100 Greater Milwaukee grant agreement.  The agreement will include appropriate benchmarks and a schedule for both the drawdown of funds and report due dates.

Is there a period of time in which the grant money must be spent?

The grant money must be expended within 24 months following award of the grant.

Whom may we contact to discuss our grant application?

If, after reviewing our website, you still have questions about Impact100 Greater Milwaukee’s grant process, please email

Will you consider a proposal from a group of organizations collaborating on a project or program?

Yes. However, one of the collaborating organizations must be the “lead organization”, applying as if it were an individual organization on behalf of the collaboration. The lead organization must be willing to take on all of the potential rights, responsibilities, restrictions and liabilities of the grant, if received. Financials must be received from each nonprofit collaborator as well as signatures from the Executive Director and Chair of the Board of each collaborator.

A collaborative relationship is one between two or more nonprofit organizations that lowers costs and/or increases gains for those served by their programs.  When two or more organizations collaborate they align their missions and activities to achieve a common goal.  A collaboration also meaningfully changes the way participating organizations do business for the long-term and requires Board involvement as a high-level, strategic activity.

The program description in the grant application must clearly explain the role of the collaborating organizations(s).  The program budget must indicate the collaborating organization’s compensation.  A signed certification and a letter of collaboration summarizing each collaborator’s role are required from the collaborating organization.

Can a nonprofit organization apply for the grant as part of collaborative effort and then separately as an individual organization?

No. Each organization may apply for only one grant either as part of a collaborative effort or as an individual organization.

Can faith-based organizations apply for the grant?

In order to be eligible for an Impact100 grant, faith-based or church affiliated organizations must submit projects or programs open to all, regardless of religion. Impact100 Greater Milwaukee will not fund programs or projects which restrict participation due to religion, focus primarily on religious activities or aim to convert participants to a certain religion. Nonprofits which are religious organizations, but have project services independent of religion may apply for a grant only if the program or project falls under a separate 501(c)(3). In other words, programs or projects of bodies of worship will not be funded unless a separate tax-exempt entity exists for receiving Impact100 funds that is not under the umbrella of the church, synagogue or other body of worship.

We are a national organization but have a local office providing services in the Milwaukee area.  Can we receive funding from Impact100 Greater Milwaukee for our Milwaukee operations?

If the local organization providing services in the Milwaukee area is a 501(c)(3) public charity identified with its own EIN and files a Form 990 demonstrating an operating budget within our guidelines, the local organization would be eligible to apply for the Impact100 Greater Milwaukee grant. The organization applying for our grant should be the party accepting responsibility for receiving and spending the grant funds.

Our organization did not attend the information session for nonprofits. Can we see the info presented?

Here is a copy of the slides