Focus Areas

When submitting the Letter of Inquiry, each applicant will rank the project/program by its association with the following Focus Areas.

(1 being the highest and 5 being the lowest.)

Arts & Culture

Projects or programs that cultivate, develop, educate or enhance the artistic and/or cultural climate in the Greater Milwaukee area.



Projects or programs that improve or advance educational opportunities for children and/or adults in the Greater Milwaukee area.


Environment & Revitalization

Projects or programs in the Greater Milwaukee area that 1) preserve, enhance, revitalize or restore facilities, spaces or surroundings; 2) promote the protection and welfare of animals; or 3) encourage conservation.



Projects or programs that strengthen or enhance the lives of children, adults and families living in the Greater Milwaukee area.


Health & Wellness

Projects or programs that positively impact the mental or physical health of people living in the Greater Milwaukee area.