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Impact100 Meets Tempo Waukesha

On July 25, Impact100 Greater Milwaukee board members Jamy Malatesta and Ann Homstad carried the message of Impact100 to a luncheon meeting of Tempo® Waukesha.  As a non-profit organization for executive and professional women in the Waukesha County area, part of Tempo® Waukesha’s mission is to develop the strengths and talents of female executives and to increase awareness of issues and trends within the community.

Collective giving in its many forms is proving to be one of those trends, especially for women donors.  Jamy and Ann told the story of how Impact100 started in Cincinnati and has grown through grassroots efforts including those of our founders here in Milwaukee.  As passionate advocates for Impact100 Greater Milwaukee, Jamy and Ann explained our grants eligibility and selection process as well as how women can join the organization and help award transformative community grants.

If you know of a women’s professional association or corporate affinity group that would be interested in hearing about Impact100, please contact Ann Homstad at annhomstad@gmail.com

Jessica Bauer-Phipps (Tempo President), Ann Homstad (Impact100), Nancy Seidl Nelson (Tempo), Jamy Malatesta (Impact100)

Thank you for making an impact with us!




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